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Pavitra Rishta – Watch Online

November 12th, 2010 by admin | Filed under Zee TV Dramas.
Pavitra Rishta Online

Watch Pavitra Rishta Online

Pavitra Rishta talks about the strong emotional bond that every daughter shares with her mother. This interesting saga brings in the flavor of the mother-daughter relationship and a mother’s search for a desirable match for her daughter. This show has been shot in a modest environment sans any glamour and grandeur. It essays a middle-class household’s routine and lifestyle. The practical nuances of the story will be felt and lived by all those who watch the show. Pavitra Rishta is the story of Archana, who is not highly-educated but handles the entire house work impeccably. Though every one is dependant on her no one really values her importance, except her brother and mother. Her mother has a sole aim of getting a good, well-educated boy drawing a good salary for Archana. Because of wish, Archana’s marriage plans have always been full of obstacles. Simultaneously, runs the story of Manav, a garage owner, who gets besotted by Archana at first sight.

Destiny and circumstances make his marriage proposal reach Archana but to be accepted he has to lie about his credentials, which because of unavoidable situations he does. The marriage takes place but the moment Archana comes to know about the lie she refuses to go with Manav. The story proceeds from here – finally bringing the made for each other couple together. Archana Karanjkar (Ankita Lokhande) – is the main character of Pavitra Rishta, whose age is 27 years. She is a less educated girl, a bane barrier in her marriage. She handles all the chores of her house and makes her mother comfortable. She was married to Manav but due to unfavourable circumstances got divorced. She leaves for Bangalore and comes back after 1 year, completing her education. She is now working as supervisor in Satish & Dharmesh’s company and is engaged to co-worker Jaywant due to her family’s wish that she move on, but she is still in love with ex-husband, Manav Deshmukh

Manav Deshmukh (Sushant Singh Rajput) – is the leading male character. He is about 29 years old. He works as a mechanic in a garage whole day to earn a living for his family. He too is not a much educated guy. He has no dreams of his own. He only dreams of earning & supporting his family financially. He loves Archana, but had to divorce her. He later gets a job in Satish & Dharmesh’s company with Archana as his supervisor. Sulochana Karanjkar (Savita Prabhune) – is a central character of the show, whose age is about 60 years. She is Archana’s mother and being that loves and cares for her including her other two daughters. Manohar Karanjkar (Kishori Govind Mahabole) – is 65 year old father of Archana. He too loves her daughter and can go to any limit to protect their happiness. He undoubtedly is an ideal dad.

Varsha Joshi (Priya Marathe)- is 25 year old sister of Archana. She is married to Satish. At first her married life seemed threatened when her ex-beau Ashwin started blackmailing her but everything now is at peace. She is a career woman, but took off work for 2 years after her marriage and is now adamant on returning which is why she doesn’t want to have a baby, much to her mother-in-law’s dismay. However after receiving an interview, she discovers she is pregnant. Vaishali Jaipurwala (Prarthana Behere) – is the youngest sister of Archana whose age is 22 years. She always supports Archana and her mother just like Varsha. She is now married to Dharmesh Jaipurwala, Satish’s business partner. Vinod Karanjkar (Parag Tyagi) – is Archana’s brother, who is about 32 years old. He is married to Manjusha. He earns very low in his house. He has two daughters. Because of Manjusha’s desire who can’t seem to fit in a joint family, he shifted out in a separate flat.

Manjusha Karanjkar (Swati Anand) – is about 29 year old sister-in-law of Archana. She has very unoptimistic approach towards mother-in-law and Vinod’s sisters. She always gets into fights with Sulochana because she refuses to believe the wrongs said against her mother and brother. She also believes that everyone in the house blames her for their deeds. She shifted out with Vinod and her two daughters in another flat. Sachin Deshmukh (Raj Singh) – Manav’s younger brother. He loved Shravani, but he died in an accident. Damodar Deshmukh (Ajay Wadavkar) – Manav’s father. He loves his wife Savita but quarrels with her all the time. He wants Archana and Manav to reunite. Savita Deshmukh (Usha Nadkarni) – Manav’s mother. She loves her family quite a bit. She initially hated Archana and desperately wanted Manav to divorce her and marry Shravani, but now she loves Archana like her own daughter. She is the one affected much by their divorce.

‘Vandita Lokhande (Yamini Singh) – Manav’s sister. Ajit molests her and then in public tells everyone that he raped her. She gets married to him because he and his mother blackmailed her into it. Ajit even beat her at times. But after the year skipped we saw that Ajit respects her a lot and tries to be nice with her. Shravani(Pooja Pihal) – She loved Sachin. After his accident she learns that she’s pregnant, so she decides to marry Manav after his divorce. She falls in love with Manav and tries to separate him whole-heartedly with Archana. Because the death of Manav’s uncle at their wedding day, they haven’t married yet, but she still lives in the same house with him.

Satish Joshi – Loves Varsha and married her. He tries to help everyone in his family who has problems. He still supports Varsha after finding out about her affair. He was originally supposed to marry Varsha’s older sister, Archana Dharmesh Jaipurwala- Dharmesh is the husband of Archana’s youngest sister, Vaishaili. He is Satish’s business partner. He fell in love with Vaishaili and proposed to her in front of her parents. He is very strict in his business principles and refuses to let his relationships or feeling get in the way of his business. He wants his sister-in-law, Archana to forget Manav and move on with her life and suggests her marriage to Jaywant. He wears glasses, has a paunch and is kind of a jerk. Rasika Lokhande (Smita Oak) – Manjusha’s and Ajit’s mother. Hates everyone apart from her children. She is a very vengeful person and wants to ruin the lives of Achana, Manav and their families. In one episode,Savita yelled at her for burning Vandita’s hand Ajit Lokhande (Pankaj Vishnu) – was an evil soul. he was the main reason for the divorce between Manav and Archana. Later he molested Vandita and tricked her into marrying him. Thus getting closer to Manav and Archana’s famiy and ruining them for personal reasons. That was a year ago. Now he has transformed into a good being.

Ashwin Sagar (Amit Sareen) – Varsha’s old boss & ex-beau who blackmails her even though she is married & he himself too. She breaks off all ties with him but he comes back as her brother-in-law but everything goes at calm when his truth is revealed. Chirkut (([ Vaishu's Husband])) – He is absolute non-sense character. Urmila Sagar (Ashlesha Sawant) – Ashwin’s wife and Satish’s cousin. She divorced Ashwin and apologized to Varsha and others for his behaviour. Jaywant Rane – Archana’s fiance. Works as a manager in Satish and Dharmesh’s office. Has a secret relationship in Shravani. Swap stories about how they hate Archana. Fall in love. He tells her about his debts and money problems. She says she is the sole heir to the family business and gladly pays off his debt. They run off together. On hearing this Dharmesh turns pale and faints. Damodar does a jig, enjoying this “twist” and thanks Bapu. Manav and Archana are really upset and comfort each other. They declare for the sake of their family’s dignity and respect that its best they get married.

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