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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai – Watch Online

October 21st, 2010 by admin | Filed under Star Plus Dramas.
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Online

Watch Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Online

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is an Indian television drama-series that airs on STAR Plus. The series premiered on January 12, 2009, and airs every Monday – Friday. The story is based on the concept of Produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is aired Monday to Friday on Star Plus. Set in rural Rajasthan, the serial tells the story of Akshara (Hina Khan) and Varsha (Pooja Joshi), two simple girls born in / married to a guy in a conservative Maheshwari family.

The concept of an arranged marriage is quite common in the Indian culture. Both larka and larki walay choose the bride and the groom as per their own beliefs and customs and the two strangers are tied for a lifetime by the knot of holy matrimony also known as ‘vevahek sambhand’. There is no question of a courting period or the individual preferences of the bride or the groom. Though they can have arguments with each other as much as possible to release their tensions especially Akshara. Naitik the male lead of the show is a simple man and respects his all his elders in the house while the female lead Akshara is shown to be a straight and a simple girl ‘.On the other hand, it also shows what a girl (Here Varsha) might have to go through in a love marriage, showing how similaritites are here where even though she knows the guy, the other family members are strangers. She is married to Shaurya, her love- her life and battles out the responsibilities of being a good wife and daughter in law with ease.

For Akshara, life has never moved beyond her mother, father and grandmother. Her alliance with Naitik catapults the shy and obedient girl amidst people she has never seen or interacted before. Akshara is surrounded by new relationships, emotions and situations that are beyond comprehension. Life moves on and along the way, Akshara discovers what it is to fall in love and how to endure the trials and tribulations of life. Varsha, on the other hand, an only child, lost her father at a very young age, and is a more practical, confident and self reliant person than Akshara since she does not have the security blanket of father figure or brother over her head. She lives her life at her own but does care about other’s emotion. She marries the love of her life and battles the difficulties in marriage with ease.

A girl named Sneha comes between Naitik And Akshara Life which creates lot of problems between them.She does not know that naitik is married.She starts loving him.she saw akshara and naitik together and she knew that he is married. The plot related to Varsha thickens on her news of being Pregnent and having issues and her relationship with her Mother in Law during this period.

Akshara’s world consists of her husband, Naitik, her in-laws and her determination to do everything possible to make her loved ones happy! She’s just a simple, educated girl from a traditional family, but believes in turning every situation into a positive, fulfilling one! She is naïve yet adaptable to change and has adjusted well to her circumstances. Family values and tradition go hand in hand with being broad minded about new things such as helping her sister-in-law in realizing her love even though love marriage is a taboo in the family. She is a daughter who will always love her family but has learned to give priority to her in-laws out of duty and respect. She is the sweet, understanding but sometimes irritable wife who has matured enough now to know her role as the daughter-in-law of the house first before anything but keeping her other roles very much intact.

Beautiful and youthful, Naitik is the only son of the Singhania family. He is educated and well-mannered. Naitik being the only son in a house of daughters is pampered. And not ashamed of it! The Singhania family whose much loved son he is, are rooted to tradition. Naitik loves his family. And is discovering love after marriage! Though he is also a sensitive soul who cares for others and never hurts anyone.He loves his wife very much and tried to make his wife jelous by pretending to spend a lot of time with Sneha however this made Akshara trust him less.

Varsha is Akshara’s best friend, and is as lively and innocent like her, They share every girlie secret, their grievances and sorrows together- she is Akshara’s ‘true soulmate’. Varsha, an only child, lost her father at a very young age, and is a more practical, confident and self reliant person than Akshara since she does not have the security blanket of father figure or brother over her head. Varsha has been regular in Akshara’s house and has fallen in love with her brother Shaurya. However no one knows about their relationship! This is one secret that she has kept even from Akshara.But later, they marry.she helps akshara to meet her fiancée before marriage and is now trying to be a daughter to Akshara’s mom who is weeping after Akshara gets married. She is loved by the family and cares and loves each one of them equally.The plot related to Varsha thickens on her news of being Pregnant and having issues and her relationship with her Mother in Law during this period.

Shaurya, Akshara’s elder brother, is an attractive and well built young man of today. He is overprotective about his kid sister and behaves like her father. Though he matches Vishambharnaath in aggression, he lacks maturity. He has a traditional and conservative approach towards women; ‘they are to be protected’ is ingrained as part of his chauvinistic training. Shaurya shares a warm relationship with Akshara but they do not share every detail of each other’s lives. He projects a “I’m your big brother” image and had even kept his romance with Varsha a secret from her. Now he is a sweet husband to Varsha.

Daadiji, the mother of the Maheshwari clan, has unquestionably accepted her place in the house after the death of her husband. She recognizes that though her sons respect her and give her importance, she should not interfere in their decisions. She allows Rajshri to take over the mantle of being the lady of the house and only guides her when necessary.

Authoritative and dominating, this patriarch of the Mahehswari household is the bearer of family torch. He comes across as a strict disciplinarian, a believer and a staunch follower of traditions. He is very firm with his son Shaurya but is lenient with his daughter Akshara. Though he adores her and never talks to her in a raised voice, he has made it very clear that the girls/women of the household have to live within the strict rules laid down by society and no exceptions will be entertained. Behind his authoritative aura, he is also affectionate and emotional. He cloaks his vulnerability by being the responsible man who cannot afford to go wrong being the eldest son of the family. Is also very strict and cares for Akshara a lot.

Rajshri is the lady of the house. Being the eldest bahu, she shoulders many responsibilities, of which keeping the family together is her primary focus. She is affectionate, strict with Akshara but at the same time pampers Anshuman (her devraani’s son). She is an attractive woman and her simplicity makes her even more attractive. She gets hyper easily and can cry or laugh with spectacular ease. She can’t deal with tension. She never negates or confronts her husband publicly and guards his image fiercely. She is the only person who understands that behind his stern faade is a vulnerable man who has to play many roles to protect his daughter.

Sunaina is the pretty and sociable wife of Omkar Nath. An affectionate woman, she displays great understanding and sensitivity. She is loved by all and has never questioned the authority of Rajshri. Even though she has practically raised Akshara, she never claims any right over her. With her understanding of finer nuances of relationships and her caring attitude, she has earned everyone’s respect. However, she feels that something is miss in her relationship with her husband. Even though they are apparently happy, they lack togetherness. Sunaina Chachi is characterized by a sweet smile on her lips and a streak of sadness in her eyes.

Anshuman is the youngest child in the house. He is an extremely amiable kid who hates to study and is a complete food buff- so overweight and very cuddly. He is otherwise a smart kid who always has a one liner ready for every occasion. He often brings smiles to people’s faces even in the most tense situation and is adored and spoilt by everyone, especially Rajashree. Though he often fights with his cousin sister, Akshara, who also happens to be his teacher at home, he was shown to be one of the most saddened person in the Maheshwari house during Akshara’s departure to her in-law’s house after marriage.

Akshara’s grand ma. She is a loudmouth old lady who doesn’t realize what she says and can be very hurtful and sarcastic. She is always hyper about everything and doesn’t believe in giving compliments or showing love. She is a tough cookie and a task master. She does care about her daughter and daughter’s family but will not acknowledge her true feelings. Very righteous and superstitious

Gopi daadi is a friend and confidant of Daadi. She came as Daadi’s bridesmaid when she was just 12 and Daadi was only thirteen. She’s always been in the Maheshwari house since then and is more of a friend to Daadi than a servant.She is unmarried.

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