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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya – Watch Online

October 21st, 2010 by admin | Filed under Star Plus Dramas.
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya Online

Watch Saath Nibhaana Saathiya Online

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya is an Indian television drama series that airs on STAR Plus channel. The series premiered on May 3, 2010 and is based on the lives of two cousin sisters. The show is doing very good and is getting excellent ratings despite being a evening show at 7 pm.

The series portrays the story of two cousins: Rashi and Gopi. Rashi is smart, beautiful and cunning like her mother. She believes that all the bad incidents in her life is Gopi’s fault. Gopi on the other hand is an orphan whose cute and smart living with her Mama and Mami while Rashi is her Mama’s daughter. Gopi is adored by her Mama but her Mami treates her like a servant. She is always doing work around the house and was denied education. Rashi and her mother hatch a plan so Rashi can get married to Jigar the plan worked successfully and Gopi has got married to Ahem (A rich hard working boy) Rashi and Gopi live in the same house but Gopi has a higher positin in the house than Rashi. Ahem has now found out that Gopi is illiterate and slaps her and he tells Gopi that he only ever loved Anita and not Gopi. Now Gopi wants to leave the house, Rashi and her mum Urmila are trying to get her out the house they’re unable to succeed this because of Kokila.

Gopi (Ahem’s wife)

An naive girl who is very innocent, docile and has few expectations being is content with the simple things that family life has to offer. She is very fond of her her Mama and Mami (Jitubhai and Urmila Ben) but Urmila Ben didn’t care Gopi. She always hated Gopi. She stays with them after she lost her parents at an early age. She has no big dreams, the only regret that she has in life in that she is uneducated, although she is not bitter about it. Maami treats her very badly, almost treats her like a servant but then Gopi does not say a word. She very happily does what she is asked to as she feels that this is her responsibility towards her home.Gopi has soft heart. Ahem modi doesn’t like her because he loves Anita but Gopi just wants her husbands love and live god life with her famly. She is very upset that Ahem doesn’t love her.

Rashi (Jigar’s wife)

A cute and beautiful,flamboyant, urban girl of today, she believes in living life to the fullest. She doesn’t like to take up too many responsibilities, but is capable of going to any lengths to make her dreams come true. She does not believe in any rights and rituals and is very full of herself. She is the apple of her mother’s eyes and she thinks that life is full of fun and game. Now she is the Jethani of the Modi household as Kokila switched the positions between Rashi and her detested cousin, Gopi. She hates Gopi for unknown resons and now is married to Jigar. She wanted to marry Ahem (Gopi’s husband) but ended up marrying Jigar. Jigar thinks they are a Romeo-Juliet couple but Rashi only marries him so she can get the luxuries and fame, being their bahu( daughter in law).

Jigar (Rashi’s husband)

He is a sweet, soft hearted and Handsome boy, 25 years of age, son of Hetal Ben and Chirag Bhai. Jigar adores his baa and can do anything for her. He is very fond of his mother but scared of his father. He is a little lazy but its more because he loves to take life as it comes. He is not hyper about things like his cousin Ahem, and takes it easy and he is also very good looking and handsome. He is married to Rashi. He always seems to put a smile on Gopi’s face. He is a sweet talker and cares for other’s feelings. He also loves Rashi very much.

Ahem (Gopi’s husband)

A boy of today’s age, 27 years of age, he is the son of Kokila Ben and Parag Bhai. He is a workaholic, Handsome and believes in himself. Though full of sanskaar’s he is a little insensitive and he is like this because of his mother. He is a mamma’s boy and blindly follows whatever his mother has to say to him. He is the one handling the entire Modi empire. He has a girl friend, Anita who is lovable to him and they were in love. She wanted to marry him, but due to his mother’s happiness he ends up marrying Gopi. He blames Gopi for losing Anita. He is very strong headed like his mother, Koki ben. He always askes Jigar to bring his file, or bring some document whenever Jigar plans to go to the cinema with Rashi. He always talks about nothing but some file or document. Also he lives no chanse to embarace Gopi , he also talkes on his cellphone all the time . It´s like the phone is some how glued to his ear. Seriously

Kokila Modi (Ahem’s mom)

A strong headed woman of around 50 years of age who wants things to be in her control and expects things to go the way she wants them to. She loves her son and has kept him also in her control and thinks that she is responsible for making him the man that he is today. She is very pure from her heart but it’s just that she is a strict disciplinarian. She wants her daughter in law in to listen to her and wants her to be just like a cow. Hence will choose Gopi over Rashi for Ahem. She is only able to stop Ahem from doing certain things.

Parag Modi (Ahem’s dad)

A nice man by nature, of around 47 years of age, loves to live his life and knows the nature of his wife but does not say much as he wants to be happy in life. Someone where down the line a little scared of his wife also but more so it is because of her shouting and giving lecture than anything else.

Hetal Modi (Jigar’s mom)

A kind, soft hearted woman of around 43 years of age and a very homely and a total motherly figure. She is also very docile and a complete opposite of Koki Ben, even though she is the Jethani of the Modi household, it always appears that she is the devrani and Koki the jethani. But Hetal has no grudges against all of this and does her work very affectionately. She is a woman who does not even treat servants badly and feels bad when Koki does the same but as always can’t say anything about it. She also loves Gopi like her own daughter.

Chirag Modi (Jigar’s dad)

A man who believes in hard work, he is a strong pillar of the Modi Empire. He is also a family man but gives more important to work.

Urmila Shah (Rashi’s mom)

A very dominating woman in her late 40’s who dotes on her daughter but hates the heroine equally. She thinks of Gopi as an extra mouth to feed unnecessarily in the house and treats Gopi like a servant and is the brain behind all the cruel things that will happen to Gopi in the longer run.

Jitu Shah (Rashi’s dad)

A very compassionate man of around 52 years of age. Gopi’s mama adopted her once the parents died and adores her like his own biological daughter but scared of his wife but still does small things for Gopi.

Baa (Ahem and Jigar’s grand-mom)

A very sweet and polite old woman who is loved and respected by everyone.

Kinjal Modi (Ahem’s sister)

She is the cunning sister of Ahem and Jigar. She thinks that Gopi and Rashi are fools and tries to get them in trouble always in order to save herself from the clutches of her strong-headed mom. She is very bad and had a boyfriend named Umang. She and Umang’s relationship broke off when Rashi and Gopi got married to her brothers. Now Umang is black-mailing Kinjal to get Modi Parivaar’s gold.

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