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October 17th, 2010 by admin | Filed under Star Plus Dramas.
Bidaai Online

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Bidaai is a story of two sisters (cousins actually), Sadhna (fair, played by Sara Khan) and Ragini (dark, played by Parul Chauhan) Bidaai started out as a story of two sisters and how their color shapes their lives. Bidaai also wanted to change people’s perceptions that dark-skinned girls are bad. Destiny does not strike anyone seeing ones skin colours, both Sadhna and Ragini have their individual sufferings. The shows starts with the University of California Professor, Kishanchandji (Sadhna’s father) expressing his desire to see his daughter Sadhna married, whom he had left with Prakashchandji, Sadhna’s mamaji, during her childhood. Sadhna and Ragini love each other extremely and Prakashchandji takes extreme pride in his two daughters. Because of her beauty, Sadhna catches the eyes of the rich business lady, Vasundhara Rajvansh who wants to get her mad son Alekh, played by Angad Hasija, married to Sadhna. Without revealing to anyone the reasons, Sadhna marries Alekh on two conditions: first her mamaji’s property will be returned and secondly her jiji Ragini will be married to Vasundhra’s younger son, Ranveer Rajvansh, played by Kinshuk Mahajan. Ragini was completely oblivious of Sadhna’s second reason for marrying abnormal Alekh till the rift track. Vasundhara does not wish this to happen as she feels Ragini is not good looking enough for her son. But she does not have to worry as Ranvir announces he is already engaged to Sonia until the family finds out that she is simply using him for money. Eventually Ragini and Ranvir fall madly in love through numerous phones conversations as Anmol and Anamika. After numerous hardships (both Vasundhara and Kaushi(Ragini’s mom) are against the marriage) both marry, and on their honeymoon Ragini realizes what Sadhana has missed out on and with the help of Ranvir tries to help Alekh and Sadhna become a proper married couple; while doing so Sadhna and Ranvir try to get medical help so Alekh can again live a normal life.

Shlok is Alekh’s childhood friend and Malti’s cousin. He is also the psychiatrist who helps treat Alekh. Once Alekh and Sadhna are out having fun and some goons tease Sadhna. Alekh is unable to help her and Shlok saves the day. Sadhna, sadly, gets shot in the stomach in the process. Overcome with guilt, Alekh believes that he is unworthy of Sadhna and sets her up with Shlok and gets Shlok to marry Sadhna in his place in their remarriage–something Sadhna is aware of. On wedding day, Alekh realizes that he loves Sadhna madly and cannot live without her and remarries her. At the same time, Ranvir has been behaving weirdly. He comes home late usually and yells at Ragini many times for interfering in his personal matters such as trying to open his mail. He lies to her about his whereabouts as well. Ragini has a family emergency and goes to Saranpur to be with her nani-maasi. Ranvir’s weird behavior continues and Vasu and Indu are mad at him for putting Alekh’s property in his name. When Sadhna finds out, she follows Ranvir only to see him talking with a girl. She confronts him and accuses him of cheating not only his innocent brother for money but also his beloved wife with another woman. Unable to take Sadhna’s wrong accusations, Ranvir confesses the truth–that he found out that somebody from the family is responsible for Alekh’s condition and he is investigating the mystery. The woman he was with is a detective who is helping him unearth the mystery. Sadhna and Ranvir both work together. Meanwhile, Indu has a heart attack and Vasu blames Ranvir–telling him that he has to leave the house in 10 days. Prakashchand overhears and confronts Ranvir who asks him to trust him. Ranvir misses Ragini terribly and goes to Saranpur to get her back, who obviously forgives him upon knowing the truth. She also joins the planning and together Ranvir-Ragini recreate the night dadaji died revealing that it was chotima who was responsible for killing dadaji for money for her son and making Alekh mental since he was the sole witness to her crime.

Alekh starts to get better now that he knows the truth. He no longer is dependent on Sadhna and this makes Sadhna insecure. Enter dadi-bua(DB) who raised Indu after his mother died. Vasu and dadibua hate each other and don’t get along. DB loves Ragini and dislikes Sadhna because she believes that Sadhna doesn’t want her to stay in Rajvansh house. DB tries to poison Ragini’s mind against Sadhna but Ragini doesn’t listen, until Sadhna slaps Ranvir for letting Alekh drive (which resulted in a minor accident). This incident causes a minor problem between Sadhna-Ragini and a bigger one between Sadhna-Alekh but eventually Ranvir explains to Ragini that Sadhna wasn’t wrong. Ragini asks for forgiveness and the sisters are best friends again. DB tries to badmouth Sadhna again in front of Ragini but Ragini firmly explains to DB that she is wrong and Sadhna is a nice girl. Eventually, DB leaves because of the problems she is creating.

What follows is possibly the worst track in Bidaai’s history in terms of TRP’s–the rift track. Ragini wants to help Sadhna-Alekh come closer but due to her own health issues (she’s pregnant) cannot directly help them. She sends Ranvir to bring Sadhna-Alekh closer but some goons (sent by Naveen to kill Alekh) misbehave with Sadhna and Ranvir beats them up, sending the guy into a coma and is thus sent to jail. Sadhna is the sole witness to this and she must make a tough decision: whether to lie in court and save Ranvir or to side with the truth. Sadhna eventually sides with the truth and Ranvir is sentenced to jail, leaving Ragini, Alekh and Vasu very angry and upset with Sadhna. Vasu and Kaushi take advantage of Ragini’s emotional weakness at this point in time with Ranvir in jail and misguide her into thinking Sadhna was always jealous of Ragini which is why she’s stealing all her happiness. Ragini then miscarries by falling down the stairs. The two tragic events in Ragini’s life change her perspective completely and Ragini finally starts believing Vasu and Kaushi’s negative talks about Sadhna and tells her that she was indeed always jealous of Ragini. Sadhana is held responsible for all the mishaps and is thrown out of RH by Vasu. Sadhna gets a job and becomes an independent woman, and gets Ranvir out of jail by getting the goon to take back his case. After ranvir comes out of jail, he attempts to mend the broken relations but Ragini, filled with negativity by this time, wants nothing to do with Sadhna. At the same time, Kaushi becomes terminally ill and requires an immediate operation which costs 5 lakhs, something that only Sadhna and Vinu are aware of and both do not tell anybody else. Sadhna participates in a dance contest to win the money, in which Ragini also participates to gain her confidence and overcome depression due to her miscarriage. Unable to see her sister lose, Sadhna falls down at the last minute and loses the competition, choosing her sister’s “happiness” over her own marriage. Now Sadhna divorces her husband Alekh solely to get the money for her mami’s operation (Vasu found out about Kaushi’s illness and tell Sadhna that she will pay for the operation if Sadhna divorces Alekh). Alekh is heartbroken. Vasu gets him to agree to marry Mallika. Ragini comes to know about the sacrifices of Sadhna and has a heart-wrenching scene with Sadhna in which she apologizes to her. She chalks out a plan with Ranvir and her family to reveal everything, so that the truth about the injustices done to Sadhna can come out. Ranvir and her reveal everythign to Alekh on his engagement to Mallika with Vinu/Malti/Kaushi’s help.

Alekh leaves home because he cannot live in a place where his wife is not respected. He struggles to get a job due to his lack of education, but is eventually successful. Ranvir, unable to take the injustice metted out to his bhaiyya and bhabhi, leaves home along with Ragini. All four live together happily in their small house until a fire burns their house down and Vasu gets trapped inside (she came to see them). Sadhna saves her, getting burnt in the process, and Vasu changes. Sadhna-Ragini are defamed in a prostitution scandal by their trusted Anand bhaiyya who is working for Karan, Indu’s illegitimate child who wants revenge. Ranvir and Alekh save them. Sadhna gets pregnant and doesn’t tell anybody because Ragini miscarried only a few months ago, but Karan knows and becomes a good person because of it. Due to a confusion, Ranvir believes Ragini is pregnant and gets very excited only to realize that it’s Sadhna who’s pregnant. Both Ranvir-Ragini, though very happy for Sadhna-Alekh, cannot help but think of their unborn child. They don’t have to be sad for long because Ragini also is pregnant. Sadhna has numerous premonitions and nightmares about Ragini’s impeding death. Thus she fasts throughout her own pregnancy for Ragini’s well-being. Sadhna delivers a girl named Khushi. During a pooja for the last fast, Sadhna dies in a terrorist bombing of the mandir where she went with Alekh. Meanwhile Ragini hears about the bombs in the mandir where Sadhna is and goes into labour. The roads are all blocked and it’s almost impossible for her to get to a hospital. But eventually she does and her consition is serious. She delivers a girl, Tammana, but her internal bleeding refuses to stop. Miraculously it does, and it seems as if God has heard Sadhna’s prayers for Ragini and let her live, taking Sadhna to heaven in Ragini’s place though. After Sadhna’s death, a heart broken Ragini vows to her father, Prakashchandji to take care of Khushi, Sadhna’s daughter, as her own daughter and she keeps her promise till date.

Sadhna has been shown to make major sacrifices for sake of her family prioritising her jiji Ragini’s happiness above everything. Ragini also loves her sister dearly.

–Seven Years Later–

The story takes a seven year leap forward with the death of Sadhna and Ranvir. Khushi and Tamanna (Tammy) are two adorable seven year old girls, one again fair-skinned (Khushi) and another dark (Tamanna). It is also discovered that Ragini has married another man, Anmol(played by Apurva Agnihotri). Anmol was Ranvir’s friend. One day while walking, some boulders slide down, Ranvir pushes Anmol to safety but is unable to save himself. On his death bed Ranvir convinces both Anmol and Ragini to get married. On the other hand, Alekh has once again become mad after the shock of Sadhna’s untimely death, and his daughter Khushi is his life. They call each other ‘Dost’ as Sadhna and Alekh did to each other. Khushi is shown to be selfless like Sadhna, and Ragini is reminded of her loving sister with each action of Khushi’s.

The story is continuing on these terms, with Ragini struggling to share equal love for both her daughters, and how she handles everyday life with much courage. Ragini always brought up her two daughters with the hope that they will be another Sadhna-Ragini jodi. The show post leap also shows a very beautiful relationship between Ragini and Khushi. Khushi is shown to be like Sadhna, understanding, caring and kind personality. Although Tammana loves Khushi and is good at heart, she is envious of her at times and people can easily make her believe things that aren’t true. Tammy is somewhat self-centered and spoilt which sometimes pains Ragini. In addition, Tammy has no idea that Anmol is not her real father nor has she ever seen a picture of Ranvir. Very very rarely does anybody mention/remember Ranvir(usually Vasu to taunt Ragini and Anmol) in RH nor are there any pictures of him in the house like there are Sadhna’s. It’s kind of like Ranvir never existed. This is of course what Ranvir wanted. Vasu, however, is completely unable to accept Anmol in her son’s place and hates him. She also blames Ragini for remarrying even though she knows that it was Ranvir’s wish. Ragini still loves Ranvir and hasn’t truly moved on in her life . It is shown that Anmol has always loved Ragini.

Then comes the entrance of a girl named Sakshi(played by Sulagna), who stays in “Sadhna Nari Niketan”, a shelter run by Prakashchandji and Rajvanshs in memory of Sadhna. Anmol and Ragini don’t want Alekh to remarry because they feel that no girl can marry abnormal Alekh without any ulterior motif or unless she is forced by the rich Vasundhara Rajvansh in lieu of any solution to her problems . But for the sake of Vasundhara, they agree to give Sakshi a chance. Ragini and Anmol are slowly becoming friends and Ragini is starting to share her problems with Anmol. The jodi finds out more about Sakshi and her truth is unfolding.

Although Alekh does not want to marry Sakshi, he agrees to marry her for the sake of his child, Khushi. Khushi lies to him that by marrying Sakshi, Sadhana will return. Alekh finds out the truth before completing 7th phera and refuses to accept Sakshi as his wife. Sakshi already has a boyfriend, Tarun and is pregnant with his child. She plans to run away with the jewelery on the marriage day, as planned by Tarun. Sakshi is completely oblivious of Tarun’s idea that he wants to dump Sakshi after getting the expensive jewelleries. Ragini almost caught Sakshi red-handed once or twice, but Sakshi by her tricks is somehow able to prove Ragini wrong in front of others. On her marriage day, Sakshi flees, but Tarun got arrested with the jeweleries and now Sakshi returns back making a story for everyone to believe that Tarun was blackmailing her, and thus she went to give Tarun the jeweleries, so as to save the Rajvanshs from getting defamed.

Sakshi tries her best to separate Alekh from his daughter Khushi while Ragini tries her best to stop this. Alekh and Khushi patch up eventually, thanks to Ragini’s efforts. Mean-while Alekh starts working in an ice-cream parlor and tries to become independent for his daughter. Sakshi also wants her unborn child to be given Alekh’s name so she tries unsuccessfully to sleep in his room. After seeing how Sakshi mistreats Khushi, Ragini and Tammy teams up to teach a lesson to Sakshi. This eventually leads to Sakshi blurting out the truth about Tammy’s real father Ranveer. After initial breakdown, Tammy accepts Anmol as her father. As per the present storyline, Dr. Shlok is coming back to cure Alekh.

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