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Mano Ya Na Mano – Watch Online

November 2nd, 2010 by admin | Filed under Star One Dramas.
Mano Ya Na Mano Online

Watch Mano Ya Na Mano Online

Mano Ya Na Mano is a horror television drama-series aired on Zee TV channel in 1995. The series was produced by popular Indian actor Jeetendra’s production house known as Balaji Telefilms, which is one of India’s biggest television production house to date. The series was the first television show produced by Balaji Telefilms, after their formation as a production house in 1994. The series was directed by Rajesh Ranashinge, who is known for directing thriller and horror Indian series. The series features episodic horror/thriller stories based on supernatural beliefs. Each story is portrayed in a fabricated and dramatic representation based on mystic and paranormal convictions. Besides, each story is shot in a different location and consists of a different star cast. The Season 2 of Mano Ya Na Mano on Zee Tv will be hosted by Mishal Raheja.

Man has reached the moon, but even in today’s modern world of science and technology, there are still many aspects to life on Earth that remain unexplained, so many things that remain a mystery to most of us and events that defy our understanding.

India is known for its many mystic elements and we present to you Mano Ya Na Mano, in its second season, to explore this unique dimension and bringing back an entire new world to the Indian television by revealing subjects and phenomenon which are hard to believe but actually exist!

Astral Travel will be shown through the story of Mahesh Thakur, the actor, who has conducted experiments and travelled into astral space. Astral projection (or astral travel) is an interpretation of any form of out-of-body experience (OBE) that assumes the existence of an “astral body” separates from the physical body and is capable of travelling outside it. The story is about Mahesh Thakur’s friend, a young man, who had also travelled in astral space a number of times earlier; meets with an accident one day. A farmer rescues him but finds it difficult to take him to hospital. The story is about this young man who is in coma and how his astral body travels to his home to inform his family about the accident. Conveying the message to his family though is not easy. Along with the story, there will be real life experiment of Mahesh Thakur and his bytes as well.

In a shocking incident of medical history, a 36-year-old man, Sanjay Dhagat, was found carrying the half-formed body of his twin brother inside his womb. It was revealed as the most stunning case of “Fetus in Fetu”, where a twin feeds on another while still in the embryo. Dhagat was born with his twin brother’s body in it and as he grew, so did the body within him. Dhagat’s belly, became huge, appearing like a nine-month old pregnant woman, making his social life in his small town difficult. After facing years of life of seclusion and social stigma, Dhagat, was operated upon by doctors in Nagpur. Doctors were shocked to discover the parasitic twin in his body, growing by feeding on Dhagat’s body. They found over 200 ounce of liquid, lots of hair, a half grown arm from Dhagat’s stomach. Dhagat’s life was in danger, had he not been operated and freed from his parasitic brother. To doctors, Dhagat’s case is a medical miracle, but it brought only shame and misery to him, forever condemning him to live like a hermit concealed from all eyes.

People of this small village want justice from none other than the almighty. In Kungher village in Patan, the temple of Chudail Mata (witch goddess) is the high court for the villagers. Thousands flock to the temple on Sunday with their grievances. “People find that their problems get sorted out quickly when they come here. That’s why the temple has been dubbed ‘high court of Kungher’.

A station in Purulia where no train has stopped in 35 years, apparently because of a phantom woman who dances on the platform or walks along the tracks, has kept people and railway officials away from it since a long time. A resident of Begunkodor village, said word about the station being in the “grip of evil spirits” spread after a woman was run over while crossing the tracks. Panic had gripped the area then and people started avoiding the station. There were even reports of people being sucked in towards passing trains and villagers started taking detours to avoid going anywhere near the station.

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