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November 15th, 2010 by admin | Filed under Colors Dramas.
Uttaran Online

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This is a story of Ichcha, born in the slums of a city but one who desires much more than what her destiny has in store for her. In the hope of giving her a better life, Ichcha’s mother joins a rich household as a maid. Ichcha befriends Tapasya (the daughter of the lady of the house), but soon learns the hard lesson that servants will never be considered as part of a family, no matter how much they sacrifice for them. However things change when Veer, suitor of Tapasya, falls in love with good natured Ichcha. Can she dare to expect him to stand up for her & their love? Or can the poor never be allowed to be happy?

This is a story of 8 year old Ichcha, born in the slums of Mumbai but desiring more than what destiny has in store for her. In order to provide for her basic needs, her mother Damini joins a rich Thakur household as full time maid. Ichcha befriends the only daughter of the household, Tapasya. Meanwhile in dramatic consequences, Tapasya’s father Jogi Thakur is revealed to be the cause of Ichcha’s father’s death. He with his wife Divya Thakur accepts Ichcha and Damini as their home members in order to set right the wrongs mated out to them. This chapter brings a new beginning but a terrible change in Ichcha’s life as Tapasya starts hating her for getting everyone’s attention due to her simple living and high thinking personality. Also, Tapasya’s Nani keeps instigating her against Ichcha and Damini. Scolded by parents and even punished at times, Tapasya’s woes against Ichcha grows stronger. Tina Dutta as Ichcha and Nandish Sandhu as Veer.

A New Story: Eventually, they grow into Adults. Rich and handsome Thakur Veer Singh Bundela (Tapasya’s suitor) enters their life who falls for simple and sweet natured, Ichcha. On seeing Ichcha scoring the best score of her lifetime, Tapasya goes adamant on gaining Veer for herself. On Ichcha and Veer’s wedding, she cuts her wrist and demands death if Veer is not married to her, infront of Ichcha. Ichcha sacrifices her love but Veer doesn’t accept her as his wife. Tapasya woes to make a place in his heart one day but doesn’t shift an inch from her routine of cursing Ichcha and reminding her at times that she is her maid’s daughter who has lived on her worn & torn belongings (Uttaran). Meanwhile Damini decides to leave the house with Ichcha which bothers Jogi Thakur so much that on the moment of both of them leaving the house, he has his 1st heart attack. Not-So-Normal circumstances become a regular cup of tea until Ichcha on being confronted by Veer refuses that she will not marry him as he is Tapasya’s asset.

A Twist In Tale: Meanwhile Veer’s drug addict brother, Vansh, takes a liking to Ichcha at a Rehab Center. Tapasya, on knowing this, induces her indirectly to marry him. Ichcha, for betterment of Vansh and to move over and above Veer, agrees to the proposal of marriage by Vansh & his family members. Veer, now sacrifices his love and prepares for the marriage of Vansh & Iccha. Tapasya who just can’t stand Ichcha happy threatens her married life by revealing to Vansh about Ichcha & Veer’s romantic past. Vansh, mentally instable, goes on destroying both of their lives for not telling him the truth before marriage. He just can’t stand Ichcha infront of her as she appears to him his brother’s Uttaran. Also, a girl named Masoom enters Jogi Thakur’s house claiming to be his daughter. This causes misunderstandings between Jogi and Divya. However, Masoom has actually been planted in the house by Pushkar, Jogi’s brother-in-law who wants to steal his wealth.

Impending Disaster: Vansh starts suspecting Ichcha for having affairs with many other men on his back and tortures her mentally while Veer & Tapasya move out of the household to give some space to Vansh & Ichcha. Vansh’s condition worsens as he suspects Ichcha each & everytime whether she is talking on cell phone, shopping or even out of his sight for a moment. His further investigation leads him to Tapasya who in a dramatic sequence reveals how she was the one who brought everything upside down by ruining Ichcha’s life for ever and ever. Vansh gets furious and goes hellbent on killing her but she in a twisted tale of words lead Vansh to rethink who did more harm to Ichcha, She or Him? She was none to Ichcha but he was her husband and would never be able to look her in the eyes again. She urges Vansh to the point of suicide and Vansh shoots himself. Ghosts of sadness close in on Ichcha once again.

The Showdown: After Vansh’s death, Tapasya gets fearful and even dreams of her getting caught by the police. Her dreams come true when her ex-beau Sid threatens to reveal the whole suicidal story to police as he knew everything. Tapasya gives her ransom but he reveals the truth to Veer who gets Sid arrested and brings the sinister colony of Tapasya to an end by revealing all her sinister plans in front of his and her family. Tapasya receives banishment while Veer tries uniting with Ichcha. Meanwhile Tapasya uses her credit cards and resides in a costly hotel where she meets Raghuvendra Pratap aka Rocky, a suave tycoon businessman, who offers her partnership as he thinks she is lucky for him but she rejects. After not having enough money and realizing that her father has locked her credit cards, she gives her jewelery and costly bracelet to the hotel manager and leaves. She goes through various turmoil situations from wearing Ichcha’s once worn saree, fired from various jobs to living with her ex-maid until Jogi Thakur brings her back thinking she has learned a lesson while she re-enters the house with a motive to take revenge from all those who betrayed & insulted her in a way or other.

Meanwhile, Masoom and Pushkar get exposed and Jogi and Divya remove them from the house. However, Tapasya wants to torture Masoom for giving her a hard time so she brings her back to her house. Tapasya also promises Pushkar his place back in the house on Nani’s request.

On the other hand, Ichha tells Veer to stop thinking about their unity and leave her alone. Veer does what she asks but then she realizes that what she did was wrong. She tries to be friendly with Veer while Veer pays no attention to her. Ichcha decides to reunite but Veer’s mother choose his childhood friend Kinjal as a new life partner.

Tapasya goes to Vrindavan and tells Ichha that Jogi Thakur had killed her father. Meanwhile Veer and Kinjal get ready for their engagement. During the ceremony Veer gets a phone call that Ichcha’s ashram in Vrindavan has caught fire. Hearing this, Veer runs out of the house immediately in search of Ichcha. He finds Ichcha in a lake and later she tells Veer that Jogi Thakur was responsible for the death of her father. Veer reassures her and tells her it was an accident and he didn’t do it purposely. Meanwhile, Umed Singh, Veer’s father goes to Thakur’s house and gives a proposal for Veer-Ichcha’s marriage and the Thakur’s accept it. Just then Ichcha and Veer comes there with flowers in their necks symboling that they are now married. First they all are shocked but then Umed tells them they are all very happy and hugs them. Ichcha then tells Jogi that she knows he killed her father. However, she forgives him and they both patch up.

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