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Na Aana Is Des Laado – Watch Online

November 15th, 2010 by admin | Filed under Colors Dramas.
Na Aana Is Des Laado Online

Watch Na Aana Is Des Laado Online

A drama that focuses on a social evil prevalent in the Indian society, Na Aana Is Des Laado is a thought provoking show that talks about the evil practice of female infanticide in our country. A gripping story with a serious message, this show is sure to touch some hearts and hopefully stop parents from engaging in this heinous crime.

The story actually revolves arounds Ammaji who is a victim of mindset that males are a boon to the society, and females are a bane. She does everything to serve the needs of the male section of society, whether it be promoting female infanticide, allowing men to beat their not obeying wives, ban on women’s education or remarriage of a married man not happy with his wife , and thus keeping them with herself. This sinister colony of Ammaji is challenged by Sia who enters the village as a social activist. However Ammaji fools her by getting him married to his son, Raghav and thus being her mother-in-law tries to suppress her voice but that comes to a fail when Raghav starts to follow Sia who, he finds, always stands for the truth. She also forms a gang of her own with the married women of Ammaji’s household (Sheela, Santosh, Jhumar, Chanda and later Sunehri) who suffer day to day insults at the hands of their husands and Ammaji. Now the challenge of Ammaji is not only Sia but her own son and daughter-in-laws too.

The show was well received by the indian viewers. Within the first six months, show was able to attain the huge popularity among the TV soaps bandwagon. Though seen as offensive at first, general public started liking it slowly. Its Characters such as Ammaji became huge popular among the general audiences. As of now, show currently holds on to its strong spot in the Top 10 most watched indian television shows & has never went out of the list since it started.

Show incurred the ire of Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda who sent a letter to the Government expressing his displeasure over the show. An official from Haryana CM’s office says, “The Chief Minister was receiving complains from the public regarding what was been shown in the show. It depicts the state in poor light. So based on those complaints, the Chief Minister wrote a letter to the Information & Broadcasting Ministry, who has now asked the channel to refrain from showing any such objectionable content.” Responding to the complaints, show’s writers and directors decided to stop the usage of haryanvi language and also trim down the negativity shown.

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