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Laagi Tujhse Lagan – Watch Online

November 15th, 2010 by admin | Filed under Colors Dramas.
Laagi Tujhse Lagan Online

Watch Laagi Tujhse Lagan Online

Laagi Tujhse Lagan is the story of a young girl whose life becomes a mockery due to her ugly face. This is a story that takes birth in one of those ghettos of Mumbai to which people prefer to turn a blind eye. ‘Sagar Kutir’ a basti made up of kaamwali baais and their laborer husbands is the backdrop for the unraveling of the story of a girl who is cursed by her own face. Although ugly to the world, this unlucky girl, Nakusha possesses a heart of gold and an ugly face that is hiding a deep secret only she and her mother knows. This story is of Nakusha, her mother Babi and their never-say-die spirit. This is a story of Nakusha’s battle with fate and her strife to survive in a society that looks past her beautiful nature and looks only at her ugly face.

Fairy tales have for long had a sway over public imagination. Such is their pull that the stories of Cinderella, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel are still much loved, much read and much talked about. In Laagi Tujhse Lagan, one can easily draw a “Beauty and the Beast” tale inference with leading lady Nakusha being projected as beast because of her dark looks while her love Dutta as the handsome & charming man.

Because of their residential area dominated by dark look & natured people, Nakusha’s mother, Baabi covers her daughter’s beautiful face & body with kaajal in order to make her look more like the ordinary persons residing nearby in order to save her from the bad others. However, her trick of hiding her daughter’s beauty go in vain when in a dramatic sequence, everyone comes to know the truth about Nakusha. Local police inspector, Malmal More tries hitting on her and goes hellbent on marrying her because of her priceless beauty. Nakusha with Baabi, Sethji (her brother) & her step father tries running away from the society but is caught by More. It is then that she is saved by Dutta Patil, a local gangster who saves her by killing more. He takes 4 of them to his home and gives them a place to reside as Nakusha saves Dutta when he was seriously injured while fighting with More.

Nakusha begins a new life in a new home with new members and new ambiance, what remains same & is carry forwarded from the past are her dark looks. No one in the house knows that Nakusha is not what she seems to be (Black Beauty or Witch). Nakusha, in a fairy tale way, starts liking Dutta but never tells him (as she knows he will never like her because of her looks) but becomes his best friend. Meanwhile, a girl named Supriya is brought in the house to marry Dutta by his mother, Aayi Sahib but she loves her Bodyguard with whom she elopes on her marriage day, leaving a letter praising Nakusha for helping her do so (As Nakusha had found out the truth about them). Dutta gets furious and finds out that Naku (Nakusha’s pet name) loved him and assumes that maybe this was the reason for her helping Supriya escape. He marries her but goes mad on destroying her life. Naku bears all the pain happily thinking at least she is married & close to Dutta somehow.On their way to the city, Dutta’s car gets ambushed by Anna’s men. Baji manages to take Baabi and Sethji to safety but Nakku refuses to leave Dutta in such dangerous times – after a second bout of attack by Anna’s men, Dutta’s car falls off the cliff with Nakku and him still in it. Anna’s men decide to go after Dutta in the forest, but Dutta evades and kills almost all of them. Everyone at the Patil Mansions assumes that Dutta’s dead at first but when Baji goes to inspect the ruins and look for Dutta, he realizes that Dutta’s still alive. Dutta and Nakku try surviving in the jungle while looking for a way out, while Anna’s men try to hunt them down and Baji tries to find them and bring them to safety. Aayi Sahib consults with a pandit about Dutta’s troubles and dangers to his life; she finds out through the pandit that apparently Nakku’s the one person standing between Dutta and his imminent death like a shield. Hearing this she makes up her mind to accept Nakku as her daughter-in-law and persuade Dutta. She enlists Kala, Leela and Roops (albeit unwillingly) to help her accomplish that. While making their way through the jungle, Dutta and Nakku run into Jagtap – a don who had been living in the jungle for years now. He realizes that they both are a married couple and decides to help them, in spite of Dutta’s apprehensiveness and stubbornness in the matter. Jagtap leads them to his home in the jungle where Dutta, who’s still suspicious of Jagtap, realizes that the guy helping them is actually the “don”, Jagtap.

Dutta gets suspicious of Jagtap being allies with Anna – he tries to drug Jagtap and “escape” from there with Nakku but Nakku decides to trust Jagtap. Jagtap encourages Nakku to speak her heart to Dutta – he persuades her to put into words all her thoughts and feeling for Dutta to understand. Taking his advice, Nakku asks Dutta what her fault was for being punished so? She asks him how she was at fault for Supriya’s elopement? She questions him if her crime was the fact that she loved him, tells him that she never expected him to love her in return but only asked for him to trust her as a friend. But it turns out that her confrontation with Dutta was a dream. This is followed by a Jagtap-Dutta confrontation where Jagtap challenges Dutta to look around him and open his eyes to his true love. While Dutta stays stubborn and refutes everything related to love and beauty, Jagtap tells him that once he recognizes love he won’t be able to turn back. He attributes at his own change from a corrupt don to a civilized man to his love and his now dead wife – causing Dutta to reevaluate his stance, albeit with a lot of resistance.

After night fall, Anna’s men ambush Jagtap’s home causing a face off between Jagtap’s men and themselves. Jagtap helps Dutta escape from the shoot out, albeit unwillingly and tells him to take care of Nakku. In an attempt to save Dutta and Nakku, Jagtap gets shot and dies in the crossfire. Dutta and Nakku run all night and Dutta’s tormented by Jagtap’s words and his own harshness towards him. In the morning they stumble upon the main highway cutting through the jungle and realize they’re out of the jungle. Dutta really begins to evaluate Nakku’s importance in his life, encouraged on my Jagtap’s words. He’s still in the process of coming to terms with his new-found emotions for Nakku when Baji finds them and they all head off home. At home, Aayi Sahib is busy preparing for Dutta and Nakku’s return home, much to Kala’s dislike. Ganpat return home and find out that Nakku’s being accepted as a daughter in law by Aayi Sahib; hearing this, he sees money and decided to act “nice” in order to get on their good side. On their way home, Dutta’s finally realizing Nakku’s importance to him when they get stealthily attacked by Anna’s men. Dutta, Nakku and Baji (along with the body guards) are drugged in lieu of prasad and Nakku’s kidnapped in front of a semi conscious Dutta by Anna – who challenges Dutta to come rescue Nakku from his home. When Dutta comes to, he promises to avenge Nakku’s kidnap!

Dutta returns to the Patil Mansion and prepares to leave for an attempt to rescue Nakku, but Kala tries to poison his mind with Supriya’s betrayal and Nakku’s part in it. She shows Dutta pictures from Supriya’s wedding with Ravi and a letter addressed to Nakku – Dutta gets a bit confused about his loyalties at the moment. He is torn between what he knows of Nakku and what “proof” suggests of her. Meanwhile, at Anna’s place Nakku’s being held hostage. It turns out that the entire “Nakku’s kidnap” plan was Anna’s wife, Subhu’s plan. Subhu and Nakku are both supporting their husband each – but Nakku’s devotion and faith in Dutta leads Subhu to question her own faith and the victory of her husband. On the other hand, Dutta finally decides that he trusts Nakku regardless and just then he revieces a video of Nakku being “held” at Anna’s house. It enrages Dutta and he leaves to rescue Nakku all alone, claiming that it’s HIS wife. Meanwhile, at Anna’s house Nakku’s real face gets revealed to them when they give Nakku a bath in order to prepare her as a bride for Dutta (to mock him in a way). Seeing her beauty, Anna is over come with lust and he decides to marry Nakku leaving Subhu heart broken. She finally realized that Anna was with her because of his lust for her beauty and not love – now that a “prettier” girl had come along he was all set to forget her. Dutta reaches Anna’s house with Baji in tow (who decided to follow him anyways) and he enters the house undetected while Baji distracts the guards. Inside the house, he searches for Nakku and comes face to face with Nakku in her fair avatar but fails to recognize her. He asks her to tell him where his wife is and later leaves her room as he continues searching for her. Subhu notices this entire interaction and realized that Dutta loves Nakku for her heart and not her beauty – she realizes that his love for Nakku is pure. Anna enters Nakku’s room and insists on having his “suhag raat” with Nakku – he throws Subhu out of the room and tries to “placate” a frightened Nakku who eventually yells out to Dutta. Dutta instantly recognizes her voice and begins to follow it to it’s origin while Anna continues to force himself on Nakku.

Before Dutta gets to Nakku though, Anna covers Nakku with the dark color again because he wants to “see” what Dutta sees in the dark Nakku too. Therefore, when Dutta and Baji finally find Nakku, she’s still in her dark avatar. Dutta hugs Nakku and tells her not to cry – that he would make Anna pay. Dutta beats up Anna in front of all of Anna’s gang until eventually Anna points the gun at Nakku’s face, in an attempt to over power Dutta. This is when Subhu shoots Anna through the chest, bringing about the end of Anna. But as Anna lay dying on his death bed, he tells Dutta that he would carry Nakku’s secret with him to the grave and that Dutta would never find out how his wife is conning him. Although this gives Dutta some doubts for a few moments, Subhu tells him not to pay any heed to Anna and that he should trust Nakku and her love implicitly.

On their way home and as they get home, Dutta keeps trying to understand what he feels and put it out in words but he is unable to say much. Nakku on the other hand is guilt ridden at hiding her face from Dutta and conning him so. At home, everyone’s over joyed to see Dutta and Nakku’s return safely and it’s decided by Aayi Sahib that Nakku and Dutta will be wed again with full aplomb. This is partly because she’s been getting harassing phone calls from a mystery person (possibly the Badi Hasti?) and she wants to make sure that Nakku’s really with Dutta to keep him “protected”. While Aayi Sahib takes on the responsibility to talk to Babi and Ganpat about their daughter’s marriage, Dutta decides he wants to talk to Nakku himself. Meanwhile, Nakku’s seen shying away from Dutta’s presence because of her ever present guilt at lying to him. Finally on the day of Raksha Bandhan, Dutta proposes to Nakku but this leaves Nakku shattered. Her guilt at having tricked Dutta over comes her entirely and she runs away from Dutta while he’s proposing. To Dutta, this action of her is an extreme blow and he cannot understand why Nakku would seem to love him so much but then reject his proposal so brutally. And like a man already scorned, he jumps to the conclusion that she is scared of him like Supriya and doesn’t think him worthy like Seema – just the thought of Nakku thinking of him as those other women did leaves him roaring like an injured lion. Nakku tells Babi that she cannot do anything but reject Dutta’s proposal because she isn’t worthy of him due to all of her lies and she cannot tell him the truth and risk having his faith in the world shattered again. But when Aayi Sahib pleads to Nakku to speak with Dutta, Nakku finally walks over to Dutta’s room where he’s seen fuming in anger and doubt (mostly stemming from past experiences).

Dutta asks Nakku why she refused his proposal and if all her claims of loving him had been a lie. When Nakku tells him that she doesn’t deserve him and that she’ll find him someone better, Dutta asks her to just tell him that she doesn’t love him and get it over with. But Nakku cannot say that to him. Dutta leaves from there and Nakku ends up out on the street in a thoughtful state. She meets with Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan) there who saves her life as she’s walking straight into a truck. Nakku tells him the whole truth about her color and Dutta and he advices her to tell Dutta everything. Back home, Kala’s insulting Babi and Nakku – Dutta over hears her and realizes that Nakku probably rejected his proposal because Kala called her a gold-digger (Kala did call her a gold digger but that’s not why Nakku refused). They both have a huge argument which results in Kala deciding to leave the house and Dutta not stopping her. Baji goes to find Nakku and when he finds her and asks her the reason for her refusal, Nakku tells him the whole truth (she steps in the rain so he can see the color come off her). Baji advices Nakku to wait for the right time to tell Dutta because right now Dutta’s just had a fight with Kala and is not in a good mood. Nakku comes home and Dutta apologizes to her for pressuring her into marrying him. He tells her that he’s left it all to Bappa and he won’t pressure her now. Kala leaves the house with Kishore and Anay and promises to make everyone who insulted her and betrayed her, pay!

For Ganesh Chaturthi, Babi and Aayi Sahib go to the mandir where Babi talks with the pandit who tells her that Nakku will have some hard times ahead and this worries her. Meanwhile Aayi Sahib has a muted conversation with a guy dressed in white (Badi Hasti?!). They both come home and while everyone’s preparing for the pooja, Dutta and Nakku have some cute moments. Nakku tells Babi that Baji knows everything and that she plans to tell Dutta everything too – Babi asks her to wait until after Ganesh Chathurthi so that she can hold a fast for her happiness. Baji feels a bit guilty keeping Nakku’s secret from Bhao and that mysterious man in white tries to get close to Dutta (physically near him that is). Suring the pooja, Nakku agrees to marrying Dutta – which makes him very happy. Nakku asks Bappa for guidance in the matter about whether or not she should reveal her truth to Dutta yet – but Bappa gives her a “sign” that she shouldn’t tell Dutta anything yet (even though it was just Babi and Baji manipulating the situation so she thinks that that’s what Bappa wanted). This upsets Nakku a lot – enough that she begins to loose her faith in Bappa. Seeing this, Baji and Babi come clean to Nakku about what they did and their fears about Dutta’s reaction to her truth. As a result, Nakku agrees to hold off on telling Dutta the truth until Babi tells her it’s okay to do so.

In the mean time, the mysterious man hounding Aayi Sahib end up being Dutta’s biological father, Damodar Patil. He was Shree Ram Patil’s (Aayi Sahib’s husband and Kala-Leela-Roop’s father) younger brother. He was a very horrible man in the past and he had abused Dutta all through his childhood by neglecting him – one time he went as far as to use his son as collateral during a gamble. When Shree Ram Patil finds out about it, he gets upset and an argument breaks out between them resulting in Shree Ram’s death. Damodar Patil runs away and Aayi Sahib takes Dutta into her home and this is the main reason Kala despises Dutta and causes him pain – because his father murdered her father.

When Dutta finds out the truth about his father and him being adopted he’s shattered and feels betrayed. But eventually Nakku talks sense into him and reminds him that he is still Aayi Sahib’s son even if they don’t share the same blood. Dutta apologizes to Aayi Sahib for his harsh behavior but he refuses to forgive Damodar Patil for causing pain to Aayi Sahib and her family. While this is happening, we also find out that Damodar Patil is terminally ill with cancer and he reveals his last wish to be forgiven by Aayi Sahib and Dutta for all the wrong he’s caused. Aayi Sahib forgives him, but Dutta refuses to do so.

Baji helps Roops come to terms with betraying Dutta and they start becoming close friends. Upon finding out about Damodar Patil, Dutta bring Kala back to the house and apologizes to her (because he believes he has no right to keep her away from home). That’s when it’s revealed that Roops was just pretending to care for Baji so that they could use Baji against Dutta – but she’s frustrated because Baji doesn’t take the bait. Meanwhile, Dutta walks in on Ganpat abusing Nakku and Babi after being black mailed by Sudarshan for stealing from Dutta. Dutta is furious at Ganpat and decides that Nakku’s going to live with him in his room henceforth. He asks Baji to make all the appropriate arrangements to make Nakku comfortable. And the fact that Dutta and Nakku are living in the same room leaves Baji and Babi very worried.

Dutta’s father condition takes a turn for the worst and Aayi Sahib and Kala go to meet him while they ask Nakku to convince Dutta and bring him too. While Dutta’s on his way, Kala pretends to have forgiven Damodar Patil so she can be alone in the room with him – and once she gets the opportunity, she poisons him before Dutta can get there.

However Dutta makes it there before Damodar’s death – on his death bed Damodar warns Dutta to never trust “that woman” and he looks towards Kala but Nakku’s standing right behind Kala so Dutta doesn’t understand the real meaning of Damodar’s words. Damodar dies and Dutta performs his last rights. The very next day, Madhy (Damodar’s daughter who lived in London) lands at the Patil Niwas and Aayi Sahib accepts her as part of the family even though Dutta doesn’t like her.

Aayi Sahib and Madhu decide to get Dutta and Nakku married and when Kala tries to explain how it wouldn’t be nice to host a wedding a day after Dutta’s father’s death, Dutta refuses to delay the wedding on Damodar’s account (I believe it was his stubborn anger towards his father that made him say that). The wedding preparations are full swing and Roops is jealous of Madhu-Baji interactions. Aayi Sahib gives Nakku some wedding jewelery to take care of as daughter-in-law of the house. But the day of the ashirwad, the jewelery gets stolen.

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