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Bhagyavidhaata – Watch Online

November 15th, 2010 by admin | Filed under Colors Dramas.
Bhagyavidhaata Online

Watch Bhagyavidhaata Online

Sabki Jodi Wohi Banaata… Bhagyavidhaata is the story of Bindiya, an educated and talented girl, who fails to attract a suitable match because of her average looks. To add to her woes, her father does not have enough money to pay for her dowry. The helplessness of the situation grips the entire family. And out of this desperation comes a bizarre solution – the abduction of the groom at gun-point, followed by a forced marriage!

Colors started a new TV serial – Bhagya Vidhata with “Sabki Jodi Wahi Banata” tag line. Whole story of the serial runs on destiny which is already decided by the God. The serial leads to the story of Bihar’s marriage. There were trends of kidnapping marriage in Bihar. It is not the story of 21 century but it is the story of past. For modern society the serial has no importance but for COLORS channel it is most important serial like – Balika Badhu and Lado.

The serial has been produced by Shreya creations which tell about terror marriages. In the serial marriage take place at gun point by girl’s family and well-wishers due to high demand of dowry. Dowry system is known as curse in every society. Basically, in Bihar it has great importance still. Bhagya Vidhata is not able to change the mind set of those person who need dowry but surly, it is able to sketch that figure which was in past of Bihar.

Till now, for the dowry girl is burned by her husband’s family. Bhagya Vidhata TV serial is the story of such a marriage where boy demand huge money as dowry. In this situation the girl’s family takes the path of crime and gets their daughters wedded by kidnapping. Bhagya Vidhata is the story of such girl who is married under these circumstances and has not adopted as the Bahu or Wife by the house.Currently, I met a couple who has the same story. Husband and wife both were not satisfied by that marriage but they are bound by the Indian customs to carry on their married life.

That time the condition was very miserable in all over the India for girl because boy’s family and relative didn’t want to accept that girl. Bhagya Vidhata TV serial will not lead the Colors channel like other TV serial because the story is not directly related to new generation. The serial will be known as one of the historical stories only. It is broadcasted every Monday to Friday at 7PM on Colors.

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