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Qubool Hai – Watch Online

October 25th, 2012 by admin | Comments Off | Filed in Indian Serials, Zee TV Dramas
Qubool Hai

Qubool Hai

With Karan Singh Grover’s entry back on the TV screen as the main lead after 2 years of waiting, one question is surely plaguing everyone minds…What Kind of a look will he adorn this time and what will his character be all about, in Zee Tv’s ‘Qubool Hai

Karan Singh Grover who was previously seen in the youth romance drama Dill Mill Gayye on Star One as Dr.Armaan stole many a hearts with his sensitive portrayal. The ending of the show and the actors exit from it in between did surely create quite a stir.

Now the actor is all set to come back in the 4Lions films new Hindi serial Qubool Hai on Zee TV that goes on air on 22nd October 2012, where he plays Asad Ahmed Khan who as touted after a series of failures ,aims to be a hard core business tycoon. The expectations for sure are running very high.

The pictures released so far of the actor by the Production House on its official Facebook Page have had the fans guessing as to what his role is going to be like. Further, though three promos of the show have been aired there is no trace of Karan in any of them. Considering he has been a teen heart-throb and has had many a women fall in love with him and his suave acting, it is no suprise that the makers are saving his entry as the trump card.

Punarvivah – Watch Online

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Zee Tv’s latest show replacing the long running Bhagonwali, Punarvivah, is about living life and and marriage. In the story of Punarvivah, the leading casts marry for the second time despite having kids from their previous marriage. Can their love be so strong that they marry regardless? Both lovers come together after unusual events and come to like each other and eventually living together. The two lead characters in the show Punar Vivah are Smitri (Kratika Sengar) and Siddharth (Gurmeet Choudhar). Smitri is a mother of one before getting married to Siddharth who is a father of two.

Afsar Bitiya – Watch Online

December 19th, 2011 by admin | Comments Off | Filed in Indian Serials, Zee TV Dramas
Afsar Bitiya

Afsar Bitiya

The show is about a young girl named Krishna who loves to study and is heavily encouraged by her father to become a Block Development Officer. On the other hand, Krishna’s mother feels that all of her studying is not as important as Krishna thinks. Krishna has an upcoming interview for which she studies as much as she can.

Upon arriving at the Collector’s office, she is not allowed to take the interview for she was late but she goes in anyway and makes them change their mind. This was an interview before the main examination that is to take place a week later but Krishna performed very well during the interview.

Watch Afsar Bitiya to find out where Krishna’s journey takes her.

Hitler Didi – Watch Online

November 7th, 2011 by admin | Comments Off | Filed in Indian Serials, Zee TV Dramas
Hitler Didi

Hitler Didi

Overloaded with work, Indira Sharma is a hardworking young girl who has tons of responsibilities to handle. Taking care of just about everything for her large family she has become fully focused on work and just about nothing else. Hitler Didi is a show about how Indira takes on all the different tasks that are thrown at her from individuals all around her. She hardly has time to do things for herself as she has so much else to do. She lives her life with strict rules and makes sure she caries on her responsibilities but the hero of the drama is there to help her realize that she should step away from her strict ways.

Star Ya Rockstar – Watch Online

October 8th, 2011 by admin | Comments Off | Filed in Indian Serials, Zee TV Dramas
Star Ya Rockstar

Star Ya Rockstar

Many celebrities have been huge music fans but never gotten to express their passion for it until Star Ya Rockstar. This serial is an original from Zee Tv that lets all sorts of celebrities participate and sing infront of an audience. The judge of Star Ya Rockstar is the legendary Anu Malik and the anchor is Mona Singh.

Aapka Sapna Hamara Apna – Watch Online

September 25th, 2011 by admin | Comments Off | Filed in Indian Serials, Zee TV Dramas
Aapka Sapna Hamara Apna

Aapka Sapna Hamara Apna

Aapka Sapna Hamara Apna is a reality show by Zee tv for the entire family. Every Sunday family and kids can gather around to catch new episodes of this new and exciting show. The show has dancing, singing, and much more.

Mrs Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuyien – Watch Online

June 20th, 2011 by admin | Comments Off | Filed in Zee TV Dramas
Mrs Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuyien

Mrs Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuyien Online

The story of this serial revolves around Mrs. Bindeshwari Kaushik and her five daughters-in-law while the drama starts off with her searching for the fifth addition for her youngest son. Along comes one girl who does not want to follow anyone else’s rules except her own. She is fun and loving but at the same time very sneaky.

Shobha Somnath Ki – Watch Online

June 20th, 2011 by admin | Comments Off | Filed in Zee TV Dramas
Shobha Somnath Ki

Shobha Somnath Ki Online

Shobha Somnath Ki is historical drama by Zee Tv which is a story about a famous heroine Shobha from India. She was the leader of a large army despite being a child. Shobha is very strong and this story shows it. Through her journey she learns everything she needs to about love and comes closer to her relatives.

Chhoti Si Zindagi – Watch Online

April 4th, 2011 by admin | Comments Off | Filed in Zee TV Dramas
Chhoti Si Zindagi

Chhoti Si Zindagi Online

Chhoti Si Zindagi is a tale surrounding two young girls named Isha and Ira. Many circumstances in life bring these two sweet girls closer and closer to each other as they journey through life. The story follows these two girls as they come across many obstacles and join hands to over come them. Hats Off Production brings a new primetime time serial to the viewers of Zee Tv to enjoy.

Choti Bahu – Watch Online

February 17th, 2011 by admin | Comments Off | Filed in Zee TV Dramas
Choti Bahu Online

Watch Choti Bahu Online

Choti Bahu is the love saga of two soul mates Dev and Radhika. Radhika, a Brahmin by birth, was adopted and brought up by a family of weavers in a small town called Rawal. Dev, whose family has been in the service of Rajpurohits for generations, visits Rawal as a child on the occasion of Radhashtami. Dev and Radhika meet each other and become good friends. Radhika and Dev’s families tie them in the bond of marriage in their tender age.

Maheshwari (played by Pragati Mehra), the eldest bahu of the Purohits, hopes to inherit Dadaji’s property. However, her plans hit a snag when Maheshwari realizes that Dadji has willed all his property is in the name of Choti Bahu. Undeterred, Maheshwari decides to find a docile girl for Rohan (played by Apurva Agnihotri). Maheshwari plans to own the property by controlling and manipulating the Choti Bahu and to this end chooses Radhika for Rohan. Destiny brings Dev and Radhika together after 15 years, when he returns to Rawal after 15 years to find out about Radhika, Rohan’s bride. (more…)